Umphang: Embrace the Love of Nature

Nestled in the farthest reaches from its provincial capital lies Umphang District, a hidden gem awaiting discovery in Thailand. Located approximately 247 kilometers from the provincial hub of Tak Province, reaching Umphang is an adventure in itself, navigating through steep and winding roads aptly named the "Sky Floating Road." Despite the challenging journey, Umphang's remote location has shielded it from the grasp of urbanization, allowing its natural splendor to thrive.


Umphang is a melting pot of cultures, primarily inhabited by the Karen and Karenni ethnic groups. The Karenni people are renowned for their dedication to conservation, contributing to the preservation of Umphang's pristine forests.


This abundance of untouched nature has turned Umphang into a haven for eco-tourists seeking authentic experiences. However, seasoned travelers offer a word of caution: once you experience Umphang's beauty, you may find yourself drawn back time and time again. Its attractions, such as Thilawsu Waterfall, Thi Lo Su Waterfall, Karen Village, Sea of Mist at Doi Hua Mod, and Takobi Cave, are unlike any other, earning global recognition. For the adventurous souls, Telor Le Waterfall and Pitugro Waterfall offer breathtaking yet challenging treks.


Beyond these renowned destinations lie hidden treasures waiting to be explored, like Bung La Ka To, a tranquil forest lake accessible only by foot. From bygone eras to the present day, Umphang has remained a sanctuary of tranquility, untouched by towering skyscrapers or rampant development. Every corner of Umphang reflects its untouched natural state, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its beauty. Whether it's the majestic Thilawsu Waterfall, the enchanting vistas of Doi Hua Mod, or the serene embrace of its rivers and forests, Umphang offers an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature's embrace.  


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