Exploring the Charm of Kwan Phayao

Kwan Phayao, a large lake located in the heart of Phayao city, was formed by the Department of Fisheries constructing a water gate in 1941. This initiative aimed to provide the local population with a reliable water source during the dry season and to prevent downstream flooding during the rainy season. The lake is fed by numerous tributaries descending from the Doi Luang mountains, with the Ing River being the most significant waterway


The communities surrounding Kwan Phayao offer a variety of attractions. Highlights include the majestic Naga sculpture, Wat Si Khom Kham, Wat San Pa Muang, local museums, and Wat Analayo Thippayaram. The livelihoods of the people around Kwan Phayao are closely tied to the lake. Farmers use its water for irrigation, and fishermen set out daily to catch fish. The most popular times for tourists to visit are early morning and late afternoon, with sunsets over the mountains providing a breathtaking view. The city-side of the lake also serves as a recreational area, featuring jogging paths, restaurants, and numerous accommodations.


In recent years, Kwan Phayao has become a favorite spot for surfers from across the country. Birdwatchers also flock to the lake during the winter months to observe migratory birds that seek refuge here.


A particularly interesting site is the submerged ancient temple of Wat Tilok Aram, discovered in the middle of Kwan Phayao. The remains of the temple’s foundation have become an educational attraction and a site for religious ceremonies on significant Buddhist holidays such as Makha Bucha, Visakha Bucha, and Asalha Bucha.

Kwan Phayao offers a full range of experiences, from its beautiful natural scenery to its cultural and historical significance. As an iconic symbol of Phayao, it is easily accessible and centrally located, making it a must-visit destination in Thailand.

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