Exploring Buddhist Art in Na Haeo District, Loei Province

Discover the rich cultural heritage of Na Haeo District, Loei Province, through the iconic temples of Wat Sri Pho Chai in Ban Saeng Pha and Wat Pho Chai in Ban Na Phueng.


These temples blend traditional and contemporary architectural styles, shaped by local customs and the cross-cultural influences with Laos. Nestled along the banks of the Hueng River, which marks the border between Thailand and Laos, Na Haeo District embodies a unique blend of artistic exchange, evident in the religious artworks adorning Wat Sri Pho Chai and Wat Pho Chai.

A notable feature shared by both temples is the presence of grand Buddha images in their prayer halls and sanctuaries. Reflecting Lao-style facial features, these statues exude tranquility with their serene expressions, broad noses, full cheeks, and elongated eyebrows, each representing distinct historical periods.


Wat Sri Pho Chai, with its rich history, has undergone several renovations, showcasing a fusion of traditional Lao designs and modern enhancements. During annual ceremonies, the temple complex dazzles with its architectural splendor, drawing visitors for religious observances and cultural festivities like the traditional flower parade in April.

Meanwhile, Wat Pho Chai, dating back to the 22nd-23rd Buddhist century, boasts a majestic sanctuary originally built with a towering gabled roof. Recent renovations have preserved its beauty, with the revered "Phra On Saen" Buddha image standing as a testament to Lao artistic mastery.

Both Wat Sri Pho Chai and Wat Pho Chai offer immersive experiences for enthusiasts of Thai-Lao artistic traditions. Set amidst picturesque landscapes, these temples provide a tranquil escape from urban life, offering insights into the rural charm of village living.

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