Loy Krathong Festival 2021

Loy Krathong is one of the biggest celebrations of the Thai festival. This colorful, nationwide celebration kicks off on 19th November 2021.

 This festival is celebrated for a handful of reasons. For one, this time of the year marks the end of the rainy season, which is always a cause for celebration. Gone are the days or relentless downpour and frantic Thais and foreigners alike trying to escape the heavy showers, at least until monsoon season begins again in July. 


It is believed that Loy Krathong, or ‘the festival of light,’ originated in the ancient city of Sukhothai, located about five hours north of Bangkok. Many Thais will give thanks to the water goddess for the fortune of having water while others will ask for forgiveness for using too much or contaminating it. This bold claim may well be true, however, thanks to the immense number of candles which are lit and put atop gracefully decorated boats, which are then sent down bodies of water throughout Thailand. During this festival, it is not uncommon to see many Thais wearing traditional Thai clothing, and beauty pageants are held throughout the country. Afterward, these pageant contestants will take on Thailand’s brutal heat in full, beauty queen attire.